No Plans

A New Decade's Eve Party from the DWTX Team

read ALL instructions below

Location & Time

The venue is Anggun Residences on Jalan Doraisamy, KL.

Official activities run from 8:30PM to 1:00AM. DON'T BE LATE. We open at 7:30PM, so feel free to come early and stay late. Need a place to crash? Just let us know.

If you've been to a DWTX event, you know what to expect. If you haven't... Bring your participation pants and an open mind.

Things to Bring

Before arriving, think of one thing you want to accomplish this evening. It could be anything -

- this will be your resolution for the night (we'll tell you more when you get there). Also, it's no red carpet event, but dress the way you want to be remembered in the 2010s.

Pay What You Want

The suggested ticket price is RM75 (our estimated cost per head), but please contribute what you're comfortable with - RM150 to help cover someone else, RM15, a drink, a snack, or just your best self.

If you're receiving this invitation, we want you there! And we don't want cost to be the reason you can't make it.

Questions or concerns? Reach out to your original host or +1 312 785 8285 on WhatsApp.

Disclaimer: NO PLANS is not a dating event, at least not officially (any event can be a dating event if you try hard enough).

Praise for Previous DWTX Events (Different Way to Date, Jan-Apr 2017)

"Totally changed how I feel about blind dates. The best way to sift through all the dating clutter and have fun too."

"It doesn't feel like a high-pressure dating situation. It feels like just hanging out with a bunch of really hot people."

"A unique twist on the Malaysian dating scene that I would highly recommend to anybody who is looking for something refreshing to do on a weekend night."

"Ughhhhh I fucking needed that."